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If you become injured at work or have another disability that prevents you from working and earning income, Social Security disability benefits can keep you above water. Applying for benefits can be confusing. You may even be denied if you make an error in your application.

To ensure the best possible outcome, you need the help of a Social Security disability lawyer in Pittston. Mecadon Law has been helping the residents of the Pittston area claim Social Security disability benefits for decades. Let our experience work to get you the support you need.

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What Is Social Security Disabiity?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal benefits program managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Using federal payroll tax dollars, the program pays monthly benefits to individuals who cannot work in gainful employment due to a medical disability.

SSDI may also pay a percentage of benefits to your family members, including your spouse or former spouse, children, or adult child who became disabled before the age of 22.

How Do You Qualify for SSD Benefits?

The Social Security Administration lays out detailed guidelines for SSDI eligibility.

At a high level, you have to meet two basic criteria to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits:

  • You have been employed in work in which you paid Social Security taxes
  • You have a medical condition that the Social Security Administration considers a disability

Let’s take these points in order.

The SSA requires applicants to have enough work history covered by Social Security to earn annual work credits. Those credits determine your eligibility for benefits. In the year 2024, the SSA assigned one work credit for every $1,730 in employment or self-employment income. By that logic, $6,920 would earn you the maximum of four annual work credits. The SSA looks at your years of work history to determine the total amount of credits you currently have. The total number of credits you usually need is 40.

Add to that the SSA’s list of qualifying disabilities. Your condition must be severe enough to prevent you from performing gainful work.

These conditions include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (lumbar spinal stenosis, amputation)
  • Respiratory disorders (emphysema, lung transplant)
  • Cardiovascular problems (chronic heart failure, heart transplant)
  • Neurological disorders (epilepsy, cerebral palsy)
  • Mental disorders (bipolar disorder, anxiety)
  • Cancer

Once you apply for benefits with all the correct documentation, the SSA evaluates your work history and medical conditions to determine if you are eligible.

How a Pittston Social Security Lawyer Can Help

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be confusing and overwhelming. The SSA could also deny you if you make errors in your application.

If you aren’t sure of what to do, or if you’re wondering if you’re eligible to collect benefits, Mecadon Law can help. We understand the requirements for eligibility and what you need to apply. It can be difficult to understand the exact paperwork you need to show the SSA to prove your work history and disability. When you let us handle all the heavy lifting, you know you’re in good hands. We’ll gather the proof you need to apply and allow you to focus on your health and family.

If your claim is denied, we can represent you to the SSA with a strong legal defense for your eligibility. We understand that collecting Social Security disability can allow you to pay for bills and other necessities in the absence of work. When you trust your application to us, we always have your back.

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Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be overwhelming, and being denied can be frustrating. At Mecadon Law, we understand that much of your and your family’s future depends on receiving disability benefits. You give yourself the best chance of being approved for benefits when you work with an experienced lawyer.

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